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The Price of Hope

JMak created the Dream Fund to help make other people’s dreams come true. He knew we can do so much more when we come together.


One of JMak’s greatest joys in life was volunteering in Lima, Peru, where he helped refugees from Venezuela find their footing and start new lives. There are 19 families that JMak lived with during the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020 and then he returned in 2021 to help them start Brother’s Bakery International. They became an unlikely family and JMak had a big dream to see their dreams fulfilled.  

As our first big project under our new non-profit status, we are working hard to help JMak's friends' dreams come true in a whole new way. JMak loved to watch the impossible become possible and he would be thrilled to know that a legal pathway to the United States has opened up for his friends.

The Dream Team’s current focus is on securing work visas so that each of these 19 families can come to Atlanta to work and build a new life. We have almost everything in place here to help support their transition.


What we need are the funds to pay for the legal fees and other costs that come with starting over in a new country. A work visa means more than a job. It means finding stability and opportunity they have not been able to find in Peru. 


We are raising $620,000 – just $13,000 per person – so that all 48 people that make up these 19 families can have a bright  future. 


JMak would tell us that this is not only possible, but more than worth it. Who can put a price on possibility? Who can put a price on a stable future? Who can put a price on hope? 


Please join us in making this dream come true and carrying on JMak’s legacy!

Check out these past projects:
WhatsApp Image 2022-04-20 at 12.29.37 PM.jpeg

Brother’s Bakery International in Lima, Peru

When JMak got sick, he was in Lima, Peru helping to get a new bakery business off the ground.  JMak gave time and resources to support this dream becoming a reality. After JMak got sick, the Dream Fund raised the remaining funds needed to help Brother’s Bakery open its doors.

Playground Image.jpeg

Gigantic playground in Fayetteville, GA

JMak’s two sons, Timothy and Jonathan, have a super special homeschool co-op school they attend, and they now have an incredible playground too. When JMak launched to eternity, many friends and family donated to give the kids a lasting memorial full of life and happiness—exactly how JMak wanted it to be.

Kelvin & Mary - girls USA.jpeg

Kelvin and Mary’s New Life

in the United States

JMak met Kelvin while working in Peru, and with JMak’s encouragement, Kelvin applied for and won the Diversity Visa lottery in 2021. This means that Kelvin, Mary and their three young girls are now permanent residents in the United States. The dream fund helped Kelvin and his family with housing and other start-up costs as they began their new life here.

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