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Kelvin and Mary are Here!

When JMak started working in Lima, Peru, two of the first people he met were Kelvin and Mary. Kelvin had been a successful IT engineer before Venezuela’s economy began to crash, and Mary was studying mechanical engineering. They had moved to Lima in search of better opportunities for their growing family, but when JMak met them in 2019, they were down to their last $1.60.

They had been taking pain medicine to dull their hunger pains so they could give the little bit of food they had to their three young daughters. They didn’t know what would happen next because his then boss had decided not to pay him at the end of the month. He had been working to set up concerts and other events—the only work he could find.

JMak saw Kelvin’s potential and dreamt of ways to help Kelvin and Mary have a better life. He talked about wishing they could move to the United States. This year, JMak’s dream came true! Kelvin applied for the diversity visa lottery and won! JMak’s dream team helped the family move to the U.S. in July. They enjoyed fireworks on July 4th on U.S. soil, their new home!

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