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One of JMak's Dreams, Complete!

Anyone that knew JMak, knew that he loved to Dream Big and believed that all things are possible with God. This playground for our sons, Timothy and Jonathan, was one of the Big Dreams he was hoping to see complete before he launched.

But God had a BIGGER plan!

A local YMCA in our area closed its doors and was looking for someone to enjoy this incredible playground for generations to come. The playground had been unused for years, but had a lot of potential to become something amazing.

We can’t say thank you enough for the tremendous outpouring of love, kind words and donations that we received when Jason launched. Those resources helped make Jason’s playground dream come to life. The funds we raised were used to clear the land, rent equipment to move and erect the playground, rebuild the rotting places, add fun new features and repaint the entire structure!

A remarkable team of volunteers came together and put in thousands of man-hours to uncover the overgrown playground, disassemble it, move it, redesign it, reconstruct it, rebuild it and repaint this massive playground. Between the generous donations of all of Jason’s friends, family and co-workers and local volunteers from the boys' school we were able to accomplish something far bigger and better than we would have imagined!

And just as destiny would have it, this playground already had a NASA tower! When Timothy and Jonathan’s friends at school saw the tower, they wanted to make it JMak’s Tower to honor the first “astronaut” that they knew. The boys’ friends have been a big part of JMak’s launch and they are excited to have JMak as part of their life each day. Now the kids have a daily reminder to #LiveLikeJMak and remember to trust God because He is always good and gives good gifts. There is nothing more that I would want for the boys and their friends!

Thank you for making this BIG DREAM come true for JMak, me, Timothy, Jonathan, and hundreds of their friends! We can’t wait for you to come to visit on June 11th to explore the playground, swing on the swings, try out the slacklines, slide down the slide or simply sit and watch the kids enjoy it all around you.

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2 komentáře

21. 5. 2022

Amazing! WOW!!!

To se mi líbí

20. 5. 2022

How impressive. What an amazing playground and legacy for JMak.

To se mi líbí
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