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JMak's Dream Team

We are JMak’s friends. Friends who had front row seats to his 8-month journey with pancreatic cancer and who promised him that we would keep his dream alive.  


JMak’s dream is to see other people realize their dreams. JMak’s launch into eternity is propelling his dream forward. Because of JMak, there are people with new businesses, new homes, new friends and new experiences.


JMak’s Dream Team is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Georgia that was started on April 22, 2022. Recognition of federal tax exempt status is pending and once approved, all donations received during this time period will be treated as tax-deductible contributions retroactive to April 22, 2022.


This dream team has a small board led by Laura Makaroff, JMak’s life partner and best friend. His sister-in-law, Becca Armstrong, oversees the operations of the organization, Mitch Stark and Kelvin Mendoza, two close friends of JMak’s, contribute to strategic planning, fundraising and dreaming (the most important part of this dream team!). The board is committed to overseeing and ensuring that JMak’s Dream Team continues to be a source of inspiration and hope for generations to come.


Follow the stories and join us in living like JMak by supporting the dreams of others!

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