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As JMak's Dream Team, we made a commitment to Jason before he launched into eternity that we would continue to share his story. We have lots of recordings from the past year and we will continue to share with you the things that Jason taught us.

More than anything, Jason wanted to share about God's goodness and faithfulness, no matter what life circumstances you might face.

During Season 1: Episode 12 of Awake with JMak, you will hear from the three people that were with Jason during the last week until he launched. They share about his mindset and faith in God and how he had a smooth take-off.

2022 will begin Season 2 of Awake with JMak! This season will include more episodes from Laura Makaroff and the boys, and his friends that experienced life with Jason over the past year. JMak's walk had a profound effect on those around him and they will share what they learned from Jason, how his life impacted them and how they are "living like JMak".

For mobile users, visit the podcast link above, tap "subscribe" and view the different ways to listen to the podcast (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.)

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I took Jason’s advice and sat down for a cup of coffee this morning and soaked in all the love, support, and notes from friends and family near and far. I haven't had a chance to respond yet, but each message has been a sweet gift of comfort and reassurance that our journey has had a profound impact on those we have crossed paths with over the years. It has brought me a lot of joy to hear from so many that have known Jason in so many different seasons of life.

The boys and I have had a special couple of days together with friends and family. We have also talked about carrying on the message that Jason was so passionate about sharing with others—God's goodness and love. We are working on a new podcast this week and are looking forward to sharing that with you soon. We made a commitment to Jason to continue on what he started with JMak's Dream Team and you will hear more from us! We feel Jason with us and his passion and energy to share our story!

Many of you have asked how or when there will be a celebration of Jason's life. With the recent COVID surge in our area, we are holding off on gathering at this time but will stay in touch about future plans as they unfold.

For now, the way we have chosen to celebrate and recognize Jason is through coming together to finish his dream of seeing the playground completed at the boys school. Thank you to so many that have donated already—it has meant a lot to see each name. I truly feel supported, loved and not alone in this new part of our life journey. If you want to donate to the playground, you can do that here:

Each day as I wake up, I am thinking about the life lessons that Jason planted in me and the boys. We are focused on "living like JMak" because that is a good life. The best life.

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It is with overwhelming joy that I am writing to share with you that our astronaut, Jason Makaroff, officially launched today! I'm not sure I know how to describe all that I feel. I am so proud to be the wife and God-given partner of this explorer. Jason has always been "out of this world" and I am truly happy today that he has made it to the place that he was always meant to be and where he fits—with God.

I remember the day that God put His love in my heart for JMak. I could have never even begun to imagine the beautiful, perfect way that God would unfold our life together. We've had a beautiful 18 years together in this part of life. What I can sincerely say is that the last 8 months of our life together have been the deepest, closest, and most connected we have ever been. It is everything that Jason and I both desired and we had the blessing of experiencing it in this lifetime.

Today was more beautiful than I could have imagined. With his best friend, Jason Armstrong, on one side and me on the other, we watched our friend "launch" into his new eternal life.

Jason said something to me the other day that is very deep. "We can be working so hard to find God, we miss Him. Sometimes we just miss Him in everyday things.” Then he said to me, “sit down and have a cup of coffee.”

Jason loved to sit and talk. Always. I hope you can stop for a minute and grab a cup of coffee and a friend and enjoy something that Jason wanted me to give you all—signs and traces of the love and life he experienced with God these last 8 months. And then spend some time doing what Jason would have loved for all of us to do—be together. He didn't want us to miss any moment together.

“There comes a day when we will die

Time will stop and say goodbye

One more breath then close our eyes

But it's not the end, it′s not the end of everything

Life is short don′t waste it,

Breathe it in and taste it

God gives and takes it

So one day when I'm gone

I′ll leave signs and traces

Of our times and places

So you always know you're loved

And I am always near”

"Signs and Traces" by Tim Be Told

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