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Signs and Traces

Update on Jason:

Jason isn't feeling the best, but he is on the way home from the hospital. He has an incredible care team at home with Laura Wilson Makaroff and Jason Armstrong.

Last week Jason wrote this post for us to share. We thought today was the right day to send it out.


"There is a song called 'Signs and Traces' that reminds me that God leaves signs and traces of His love for us.

A purple flower on the side of the road.

I want to leave signs and traces for my kids to know I love them when I am gone. We go through life not really understanding that God is always in control directing everything. He is always doing miracles every day but we miss them. We think it’s us or that it’s just the way things go. But then He allows something unexpected to happen and we see it as a miracle because it wasn’t what we were expecting to see happen.

Maybe we expected the worst and we’re pleasantly surprised by a different outcome. Signs and traces that He is there!"

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All so beautiful makes death a new beginning and not the end .

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