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Meet Dr. Ali Rahimi: A Cardiologist, My Muslim Brother, and the Newest Member of JMak’s Dream Team

If you’ve been following my story, you might remember that I once fainted in a doctor’s office with absolutely no provocation whatsoever. There were no needles or anything traumatic happening. It couldn’t have been a more routine visit. In fact, I had just finished telling the doctor about this fainting habit of mine and next thing I know, I’m laying on the exam table looking up at the ceiling with a nurse asking if I know where I am.

Well that doctor was Dr. Rahimi—Ali Rahimi—a former colleague and a good friend.

Yesterday, he and I sat down to lunch. We’ve always connected but one of the blessings of a diagnosis like mine is that it helps you cut past all the surface stuff and get right to what matters. I was totally lit up and inspired by our time together.

He talked about how you can’t have true health without health in the spirit, too.

Ali shared with me that his purpose in becoming a physician was so that he could help both the body and soul. He also acknowledged that there are many times where he can’t explain why one person gets well and another doesn’t. It’s not only about numbers and statistics. There is a spiritual component too!

For Ali, it goes beyond the boxes and religions that people often get put into. He said he just believes that if a person has godly attributes in their life, they have God with them. Simple. He said, “I don’t think God sees things the way we do.” I agree with him. I think God is for all people and that He does not exclude Himself from anyone.

Of all the things we talked about, one thing he said keeps coming back to me. He said, “You don’t RESIGN yourself to God’s will. You SUBMIT yourself to God’s will because He is good.” This connected with me deeply. There is a difference between being resigned to something and willfully submitting to something. Which one depends on the perspective you are coming from.

He talked about all the ways his life experiences contributed to who he is now. I was looking across the table at someone from a totally different background but with a similar heart for God and a love for people. And while some of the details of our faith may differ, we are united by that one foundational belief: God is good.

Dr. Rahimi is my kind of person and the kind of person I want in my corner—and not just on my medical team. So I said, “Do you want to be a part of my dream team?”

He said, “Count this Muslim brother as a member of your team.”

Welcome to the team, my brother! We’ve come a long way from that day I fainted in your office. Instead of me looking up at you from the exam table, we're both looking up. Together.

I can’t wait to see how God uses this team to bring people together!

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Paige Gradishar
Paige Gradishar
Jun 03, 2021

I just shared this on social media! A powerful quote from your friend and I love your insight. ---> “I don’t think God sees things the way we do.” I agree with him. I think God is for all people and that He does not exclude Himself from anyone. I am so thankful you are sharing this journey, and your lunch dates with us. Thank you!


I love how this team is just falling into place. One life at a time. Each piece so important in your journey that we are all being taken on and experiencing with you. Thank you for sharing. His story is so inspiring too. Love his perspective on things from a doctors side. Means a lot. Reminds me of proof of heaven and how he learned science is only part of it.


Laura Page
Laura Page
Jun 03, 2021

I love what Your doctor friend said jmak. It’s truth. Incredible people make people feel incredible.

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