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Safe and Settled

Kelvin, Mary and their three girls are resettled in the Atlanta area with stable jobs, safe housing and a community of people to help them get on their feet. The family is staying with one of JMak’s friends as they get settled. Their lives now are a far cry from the 10x10 foot room where they lived in Lima before. About his new life in the U.S., Kelvin told us, “I have been in the United States for almost three months, and since I arrived, I have felt a lot of support from JMak’s Dream Team. I am so grateful I met JMak. I recently started a new job, and I'm very excited for what will come next. Thank God for this community.” The girls now have plenty to eat and places to play, and Kelvin and Mary are now dreaming dreams of their own to go back to school and save up for their daughters’ college one day.

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