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Jason's Journal - April 23, 2021

I have the ultrasound first thing in the morning. My friends Robert and Angelson accompany me to the ultrasound clinic. The ultrasound only cost 100 soles which is incredible to me. Angelson has a background as a radiology tech so he joins me for the exam. Having Angelson there with his background makes all the difference in the world. Instead of having to wait for the results to be read by a doctor and sent to me in an email, Angelson is learning first hand what is happening. I can hear him speaking with the Peruvian tech as the exam proceeds. Like two colleagues, they discuss what the ultrasound is showing. Angelson then relays the information to my friend Robert who is on the phone with our medical team back home. There appears to be something blocking my bile duct in my gall bladder and we decide I should get back to the states right away and get this taken care of.

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