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Getting Busy Living

Laura and I have an incredible support network. We are facing this uphill battle aggressively with faith! We are working with the best doctors in America. As many of you know, Laura is a Senior VP at the American Cancer Society. That has been an incredible resource of support.

The other day, my longtime mentor, pastor and friend told me that the only thing that I have to lose right now is my opportunity. I can tell you, I am NOT going to lose my opportunity to live each day to the fullest.

No one gets to choose their time, but we all have a choice on how we live it. I feel like I have been given the biggest gift—the gift to live a life that matters. Laura and I refuse to operate on timelines or statistics. We aren’t looking at those things. Whether I have 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years (or more!), I am going to make the most of each day I have been given.

I made a commitment to God, to myself, to Laura, to my boys, to my parents and to everyone in my life to fight every day. To LIVE every day. To share the journey with you. I am committed to getting busy.

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