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Dream Update: Brothers' Bakery International

My friend, Xavier, and I got to catch up over a video call about the progress on the bakery in Lima. Wow! They have made so much progress. When I left Peru last month there were just white walls and a few of the big bakery machines being delivered. Now they have a fully functional bakery and are hiring cashiers, training new bakers, and getting the word out about the grand opening.

During our call, Xavier gave me a very special gift. He and the other guys made me this awesome video and the “thing” that Xavier talks about in the video made its way to my house. I will be sharing more of the story behind the “thing” that Xavier gave me. It is VERY significant. Stay tuned for more of that story—it is one you will want to hear.

For now, enjoy this video to get a sense of just how much is happening with Brothers Bakery International! The person who made the video, Brayan Falcon, is also someone who lives at the Hope House in Lima and who has become a close friend of mine too. He is a super talented videographer, a great asset and has an incredible story of his own!

Brayan even put one of my favorite songs behind the video called “Let Me Fly” and all I can say is that I’m watching these brothers FLY. Nothing makes me happier or more inspired to keep fighting!

Help me get these guys to opening day—donate to the JMak Dream Fund.

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