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A Note From Laura

I took Jason’s advice and sat down for a cup of coffee this morning and soaked in all the love, support, and notes from friends and family near and far. I haven't had a chance to respond yet, but each message has been a sweet gift of comfort and reassurance that our journey has had a profound impact on those we have crossed paths with over the years. It has brought me a lot of joy to hear from so many that have known Jason in so many different seasons of life.

The boys and I have had a special couple of days together with friends and family. We have also talked about carrying on the message that Jason was so passionate about sharing with others—God's goodness and love. We are working on a new podcast this week and are looking forward to sharing that with you soon. We made a commitment to Jason to continue on what he started with JMak's Dream Team and you will hear more from us! We feel Jason with us and his passion and energy to share our story!

Many of you have asked how or when there will be a celebration of Jason's life. With the recent COVID surge in our area, we are holding off on gathering at this time but will stay in touch about future plans as they unfold.

For now, the way we have chosen to celebrate and recognize Jason is through coming together to finish his dream of seeing the playground completed at the boys school. Thank you to so many that have donated already—it has meant a lot to see each name. I truly feel supported, loved and not alone in this new part of our life journey. If you want to donate to the playground, you can do that here:

Each day as I wake up, I am thinking about the life lessons that Jason planted in me and the boys. We are focused on "living like JMak" because that is a good life. The best life.

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Jan 02, 2022

Jason’s story touched me I have repeated it and passed out cards and bracelets he gave me. So very inspiring and uplifting and I don’t get much of that as a SJH nurse. I am blessed to have met him made me stop an pause, reflect. Still thinking about it. He left an impression. I will tel on his story and share his Website for years to come. Thanks JMak

Cindy RN

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