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Hot Chocolate and Living in the Moments

Its been almost three weeks since JMak launched into eternity. I am sitting here drinking hot chocolate made from my Dad’s famous recipe (and I actually think the only recipe my Dad knows!) with Jonathan and remembering how much JMak loves to LIVE life. The other thing JMak loves is chocolate, all kinds! He used to say dessert isn’t dessert unless its chocolate. So as we drink our hot chocolate and stay warm on this cold and snowy day in Georgia, I can’t help but think about how much life there is to live. There is life to live in the small moments like this and the big moments like what we experienced this past year through JMak’s diagnosis.

Life doesn’t come from circumstances or events that happen. Real life comes from God's Spirit, and then a simple conversation with your son over a cup of hot chocolate becomes deep and meaningful. We felt JMak. We felt my dad. We felt God.

Today, Jonathan and I talked about unselfish love and what that means (when you are the younger brother you have a lot of opportunities to learn about not being selfish).

I am so thankful that JMak taught me how to slow down and spend time on the things that really matter in life.

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Sandy McDowell
Sandy McDowell
Jan 18, 2022

Just how I like it, with lots of marshmallows! I'm sorry that I haven't looked at this sooner. I didn't feel like we knew each other well. I didn't know your boys were so young. Regardless, I'm looking now and anticipate new insights from reviewing JMak's posts and blogs. Big hugs!


Jan 18, 2022

So glad to see you smile


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