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Dream Update: Brothers’ Bakery International

This weekend I got a chance to talk with Xavier and a few of the other guys that I was working with in Lima. My brother-in-law and best friend Jason Armstrong, was there to help me—he speaks much better Spanish than I do so I always appreciate when he and I can be together talking to the people in Lima.

Xavier gave us an update on the bakery. He started using the oven this week and practicing his recipes! This is incredible! Only four weeks ago when I was getting on a plane to come back to Atlanta, Xavier was just beginning to build out his space for the bakery. Things are moving quickly—in his life and in mine!

Xavier's life is a testimony of what God can do. One year ago he was suffering from a heart condition brought on by stress. He and his wife had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive a baby for 6 years. Today they have a sweet baby girl and Xavier is so much healthier—inside and out! Plus his longtime dream of opening a bakery is coming true!

I felt not only spiritually uplifted as I talked with Xavier but physically strengthened as well. I am asking God to give me the audacity to believe that His spirit can do more than anything natural, more than any medication or procedure!

This is what Xavier is experiencing too. God restored his health and gave him a baby girl. Now God is providing the connections and resources Xavier needs to open this bakery. Xavier told me that he wants this bakery to provide jobs and opportunity for people like him that need a chance. He is already giving back and paying it forward! I love that!

People often ask me how they can help. One way you can help me is by helping Xavier! One of my dreams has been to see him living his dream! Here is a link you can use if you would like to help him bring his dream to reality.

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Vanessa Black
Vanessa Black
Jun 11, 2021

Follow along with his journey.


I love your heart for the people Jason. How you’re thinking of others during this time And it’s truly sincere. it really does prove it’s better to give than to receive. As you give you’re being filled to give more. It’s a beautiful mystery.

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