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Podcast Episode 12: Launching into Eternity

As JMak's Dream Team, we made a commitment to Jason before he launched into eternity that we would continue to share his story. We have lots of recordings from the past year and we will continue to share with you the things that Jason taught us.

More than anything, Jason wanted to share about God's goodness and faithfulness, no matter what life circumstances you might face.

During Season 1: Episode 12 of Awake with JMak, you will hear from the three people that were with Jason during the last week until he launched. They share about his mindset and faith in God and how he had a smooth take-off.

2022 will begin Season 2 of Awake with JMak! This season will include more episodes from Laura Makaroff and the boys, and his friends that experienced life with Jason over the past year. JMak's walk had a profound effect on those around him and they will share what they learned from Jason, how his life impacted them and how they are "living like JMak".

For mobile users, visit the podcast link above, tap "subscribe" and view the different ways to listen to the podcast (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.)

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