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24 Hours - 3 Trips to the Hospital

Hey everyone, it's Laura here, writing on Jason's behalf.

He wanted me to write and share about the past 24 hours which has included 3 trips to the hospital. We know that this journey will have ups and downs and we are committed to sharing them all.

Jason had a liver biopsy yesterday, and felt God close during it. On the way home he started to get sick and by the time we got home he had a high fever. The fever sent us to the ER for most of the night where they ran more tests and scans. This morning the hospital called and they want Jason to come back because he has another infection in his bloodstream.

Jason and I had to take a moment this morning to stop and refocus our thoughts on God. It is a fight to do that! We are both ready to start chemo and could feel the wave of discouragement come when we found out there was another blood infection. It was at that moment that we had to remind each other that we are going to trust God in every moment and with every day. We can’t plan out today, or tomorrow, or any part of this journey. But we can make a choice to trust God right now at this moment. We don’t have to understand everything to trust. That isn’t always easy when I feel my “doctor mind” wanting to kick in and try to figure out what is going on or what is causing the infection. My doctor's mind doesn’t bring peace—it is only when we trust that God is in control that we are settled and at peace.

We are fighting today to trust God! He is good and He has a good plan.

Please keep us in your prayers. We will update as we find out more about Jason’s next steps and the medical course of action.

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Allison Neckers
Allison Neckers
Jun 04, 2021

We are praying for you. May you feel God's presence in this moment and his heavenly hands wrapped tightly around you.


Marla Hendershot
Marla Hendershot
Jun 03, 2021

Jason, I am praying for you...Gosh, your fight to get to God (and your's too, Laura) is truly an inspiration to me. I know he will be faithful to meet you. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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