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A Brother and Friend in Adversity

It's Laura again. JMak is still in the hospital but he is doing better today—out walking some laps in the halls tonight!

He has one of his best friends by his side today and that is a huge gift to both JMak and I. He is one of my best friends too.

Jason Armstrong is the guy you want by your side for so many things. He loves life, he loves good food, he is a former ER nurse and he loves fighting for people. We have needed a good advocate today because the system doesn't make it easy for patients or families on many levels. It is a huge help to have someone who can ask questions and really push to keep things moving. I wish everyone could have Jason A with them in the hospital!

Thank you all for the messages, thoughts and prayers. JMak told me he is reading them and know he is going to be eager to share more himself about all that God is doing with him. We are learning more each day that we don't know what to do, but God does and his plans are good.

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1 Comment

Jun 05, 2021

Holding you close in prayer -- many positive thoughts and affirmations are being sent your way from Colorado -- much love, too - AC

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